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Anti-spyware comes in two main forms. Some anti-spyware will scan your system for spyware that is already installed on your computer, while the other sort is known as a "behaviour blocker", and scans all data moving in and out of your computer, much the same way as anti-virus software does. There are not so many free anti-spyware sofware packages available. Many of the larger companies have packaged their anti-spyware software with their paid versions of their anti-virus software. There are also as many rogue anti-spyware applications around as there are good ones - in fact, probably more. These are the ones we recommend.

Mamutu is a behaviour blocking anti-spyware program that monitors in realtime all active programs for dangerous behavior and blocks malicious activities. It recognizes new and unknown Trojans, Backdoors, Keyloggers, Worms, Viruses, Spyware, Adware and Rootkits (Zero-Day attacks), without the need of daily signature updates. Mamutu gives you full control over internal system activities. It's the perfect security enhancement.

Mamutu recognizes and reports the following types of behavior: Backdoor related behavior; Spyware related behavior; HiJacker related behavior; Worm related behavior; Dialer related behavior; Keylogger related behavior; Trojan Downloader related behavior; Injection of code into other programs; Manipulation of programs (patching); Invisible installations of software; Invisible Rootkit processes; Installation of services and drivers; Creation of Autostart entries; Manipulation of the Hosts file; Changes of the browser settings; Installation of debuggers on the system.

See our review on this software.

Malwarebytes anti-malware is an excellent product whose makers are dedicated to eliminating malware from the internet. Malwarebytes Anti-malware software is free to download, scan and clean your computer.

Ad-Aware Free is an award-winning, popular anti-spyware program, free for home use only.

Spybot Search and Destroy is another free, well-known anti-spyware program. Their site runs multiple languages.