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Digital Patrol

Digital Patrol finds and eliminates trojans from your computer.

FAQ - Freqently Asked Questions

(Of course, Frequently Asked Questions includes questions we've never actually been asked, but is information we thought you might like to know.)

About the site

Is owned or controlled by the makers of a particular brand of software ?


Do you make money out of the sale of any of the software that you recommend ?

Yes. While this is a Dot org website it does generate a commission on some products that we recommend from this site (if you click through and make a purchase). In this way we can cover the running costs without asking for donations. Being independent you can be assured that we would never recommend a product that we do not believe is up to the task.

What is the usual difference between the free and paid versions of software? ( in the cases that a software vendor offers a free version. )

The main difference is that the free version offers you the ability to scan and remove the trojans, viruses, spyware infections that are detected on your computer. In most cases, they will not automatically update, and some won't provide real time ongoing protection - that is, protection while you are online, so that if you get re-infected, you will have to run the scan again.

The primary function of the free software is to fix the immediate problem and get your computer operational again.

There are also software companies who offer "free scans" but do not assist you to remove what the scan has found unless you purchase their software. We do not agree with this method of marketing, because we feel that it is a little bit forceful to be requring a purchase to fix an immediate problem, particularly when they have advertised themselves as "free" - albeit a free scan only, which is technically correct. The free versions that we recommend are actually free to run and remove any malware detected.

The paid versions of these same applications will normally offer realtime protection, regular automatic updating to ensure your software is current, and the ability to use the help desk resources in the event of an infection that is difficult to remove.

Our suggestion is that you use the free software to eliminate any immediate problems and maybe as a second or scan-on-demand program as a double check used in conjunction with your primary malware scanner.

Tricky Trojan issues

Can you give me some advice on how to remove this particularly tricky trojan/virus/adware/spyware?

If you have already been through our TROJAN REMOVAL information page, and are still having problems, then you need to post your specific problem on one of the help forums, the links for which are on the TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE FORUMS page.

What do I do if I feel Im not getting assistance on the forum I have posted on?

The forum sites are run by unpaid industry specialists who are volunteering their time. Please be patient and courteous when dealing with them and make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. If, after a reasonable period of time your issue is still unresolved, it may be because the volunteer you are dealing with is busy on other projects or issues. Before you post your problem on another site, you can contact the forum administrator to see if you can either obtain further assistance, or ask them to close down your thread. In this way you wont be wasting valuable resources, and will not get blacklisted because in the internet security community an administrator of one site may well also be an administrator or contributor of another.