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Digital Patrol

Digital Patrol finds and removes trojans that spread on the Internet.

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Security Cadets

Comprehensive technical support forum.

Other Helpful Stuff

The following references are a collection of useful gems we have come across, that we thought may help you.

Specialised Computer Support Sites

JSKY's XP and Vista Support   For support, tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your XP or Vista operating system.   This site includes speciality forums, general forums, howto's, and a solution center. A large site with a lot of information and experts to answer your questions.

Recommended Newsletters

This Is True   (WEEKLY)   Syndicated newspaper column by Colorado humorist Randy Cassingham. True reports on bizarre-but-true news items from legitimate newspapers from around the world.    FREE or upgrade to PREMIUM

Internet Utilities

Links to 10 useful alternatives to Photoshop  These are internet based photo editors which may not have all the capabilities of Photoshop, but have enough functionality to edit and manipulate your pictures for the average user.

stock.xchng Huge site offering mostly royalty free images from thousands of contributors for use on websites.

Web Design Companies

Moovin' on up Web Design and consultancy service