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When the help you receive wasn't quite what you expected

Article History

Anatomy of a Malware Scam by Jesper Johansson of The Register

US shuts down "scareware" sellers

More suspect spyware products by Sunbelt

Beware of Rogue Software !

Rogue Software

Some software is the wolf posing in shepherd's clothing - instead of being a helper they are actually part of the problem. There are two main categories of Rogue security software.


The first type dupes you into believing that your system is infected by scanning your hard drive and detecting threats that do not exist (false positive results) or sometimes identifying cookies as security threats. On the strength of this evidence you are encouraged to purchase their product to disinfect your system. Often the software will run a periodic scans and find new threats that it then eliminates, reinforcing the value of the purchase in the mind of the buyer while they bask in their false sense of security.

( It must be said that bona fide security Software carries out similar functions but will only detect and isolate legitimate threats )

BAD COP Rogueware

The second type of rogueware encourages you to run a system scan which in actual fact downloads some malware onto your system, which is then detected and can only be removed by purchasing the Removal software from the same company.

Rogue Software - Don’t use it list !

The following websites contain long lists of rogue ( that is, fake ) anti-spyware or anti-malware programs. We do not purport to have tested and identified these ourselves, but we offer the collated information as a comprehensive list as possible, for those who may be searching for a specific program name.

All the sites containing the information are specialists in this field, who have done years of research, which we are not trying to duplicate or take credit for. The source sites are:

Malwarebytes Security Forum Rogue Software list with Removal InformationBleeping Computer Rogue Software list with Removal InstructionsSpywarewarrior's huge list of Rogue Software

If you are searching for a specific program name, you can type Ctrl+F in any browser window. This will open a search dialogue box at the bottom of your screen. Type the program name, or part of the name, into the box and use the “next” or “previous” buttons to search the page.