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trend micro hijack this

This utility is used to analyse what is active on your machine. Security help sites will usually ask you to provide a HijackThis log.


Need help ? call the Good Guys !

But read this first.

  1. Technical Assistance Forum help is provided by IT Specialists who volunteer their time—always be patient and courteous when dealing with them and carefully follow the instructions they give you.

  2. Don't post the same question on multiple sites in an attempt to get the quickest answer ( or a number of answers ), because if you are discovered doing this you will most probably get your post threads shut down.

  3. The service is free in that it is not charged for. If you are assisted you may well want to donate something towards the running costs of the Forum.

  4. A $5, $10 or $20 donation ( or more if you feel inclined ! ) will assist to cover a part of the site's overheads and make the service available to others, all at a fraction of the cost that it would been to get a computer store to solve your issue. Rest assured though, that if you are not in a position to donate it will not affect the quality of the help you will be given.

  5. Dont leave your post thread hanging ! If you have received help and your problem is fixed, then go back and make a final posting acknowledging the assistance. This will allow the administrator to close the thread and show site visitors a successful conclusion.

  6. If you have your own website or blog a mini rave or a link back to the forum will no doubt be appreciated.

We have listed the help sites by area of specialty, although moderators and administrators from any of these sites will assist with most computer issues.

Internet Security

Trojan, Spyware, Adware, Virus & other Malware Issues.

techmonkeys   TECH MONKEYS   One of the oldest and best Internet Security help sites around. Their reputation is well earned.
bleeping computer BLEEPINGCOMPUTER   A large forum site specializing in security issuesa lot of helpful information included here.

General Computer Problems

Nutterz   NUTTERZ  A Kiwi based site (as are we). Topics assisted with on this site are wide and varied and has had a long association with Nutterz.
security cadets SECURITY CADETS   Relative newcomers being established in 2006 but this has not hindered them covering a huge number of inquiries on the whole gamet of computer problems.
amazing techs
AMAZINGTECHS.COM   Another really good Computer Support forum.

24/7 fixes 24-7 FIXES  A website dedicated to combating spyware with a PC Help forum. - Remote Support for Windows PC's - Malware, Virus and Spyware Removal.