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" We can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown."
~Claude Bernard

French physiologist
(1813 - 1878)
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A little history...

When the site began back in 1997/1998, it was started by Jonathan Read, CISSP and contained removal information on 12 computer trojans. As the number and complexity of the trojans mushroomed exponentially, information on these new threats was added. By 2004 this data file contained approximately 1000 references. At that point it was realized that the speed at which the number of new trojans was appearing meant that a computer user could no longer rely on removing individual trojans and other forms of malware.

Internet security had by this time well and truly moved into the realm of needing to protect ones computer with dedicated software tools.

The archives file here contains removal information for a large number of commonly known trojans up to circa 2004. As a lot of information stays around on the web for quite a while, we have kept this database active for anybody who wants to access it. Many of the trojans that are listed here are still in existence, although they may have evolved and go by different names to the ones mentioned here. (The trojan names included here are the original names, rather than any other newer identifier titles.)

Trojan Removal Database Archive


Click on the name link to go to the removal information for a particular trojan.

Use Control + F in any browser to bring up a page search for a name in this database if you have a known trojan or file name that you are searching for.

( Windows Internet Explorer opens a dialogue box, Firefox opens a search task bar at the bottom of the page.)